Welcome to the Begginer Minecraft Guide.

This is where you'll learn how to become a beginner at minecraft!

surviving the first night.

At the start you will want to make a picaxe after punching wood then making a picaxe to mine down and dig for stone. for the first night all you really need to do is get stone tools (not a hoe) and make yourself a torch and place it in a wooden or dirt or both or stone house and make a wooden door and build a small shack.You also need meat to survive. by getting meat you will either punch or hit a cow pig sheep chicken etc etc. (to make a torch you put 1 piece of coal ontop a of a stick in the crafting table and you will get giving 4 torches.(you get coal from mining. you can mine it with a wooden pickaxe)
simple way to put it
make a wooden picaxe after punching wood, then mine down get stone. get stone tools (not hoe) make stone wooden or dirt house, wooden door and torch then make a small hut/shack.

5 MOBS you need to watch out for!

  1. EnderMan
  2. spider jockey
  3. creeper
  4. skeleton
  5. withces

What level you find ores at!

  1. diamond(0-13)
  2. lapiz(spread hight 20)
  3. gold(0-16)
  4. Iron(0-64)
  5. redstone(0-40)
  6. Coal(0-124)